By Mumbai Foodie

If like us, you’re also already waiting for the weekend to get here, we have some exciting options for where you should spend it. If partying every weekend has started to burn a hole through your wallet, you need not worry, because Dineout is offering some killer offers at some of our absolute favourite party spots! Read on to know more.


Lord of The Drinks, Lower Parel

Inside Lord Of The Drinks

This spectacular restaurant has Asia’s longest bar, at a mighty 200ft. Lord of The Drinks is a spacious spot that’s perfect for your weekend plans because they play great music and whip up some killer cocktails. The greatest advantage of having such a long bar, is that you don’t have to wait behind a really tall person and struggle to get the bartender’s attention! Even their food menu is gigantic, in the sense that everyone will have something of their choice to eat, whether it’s a fun bar snack or a hearty bowl of comfort food. Treat yourself to a fun time at Lord of The Drinks and get a 20% discount off your total bill through Dineout!

Offer: 20% off the total bill.



The Naga Style Double Grilled Cheese Chilli Toast at Tamasha.

As the name suggests, this place promises that you’re going to have an ultra fun time. The real winner of this party pad is the way that the interiors have been done up. The ambience really sets the mood for a swanky night, especially with their iconic light installation. It has earned enough merit to be known as one of South Mumbai’s best party spots, but the food and drinks here are what make an evening at Tamasha truly memorable. Since Dineout Pay will offer you a 20% discount on your bill, don’t hold back on their quirky cocktails and range of food items that are sure to get you salivating even now. Honey Chilli Tossed Samosas, Naga Style Double Grilled Cheese Chilli Toast and Mozzarella Beetroot Kebabs await!

Offer: 20% off the total bill.


Plum by Bent Chair

  Interiors At Plum By Bent Chair

When you pair exquisite food with stunning interior decorations, and throw in the option of being able to shop those very interior decor items, what you get is a foodie and shopaholic’s dream in the form of India’s first and true retail restaurant. Considering that most of us are both those things, any time spent at Plum by Bent Chair is sure to be amazing, and makes it a great instagrammable spot, too. The food menu dabbles with Asian food in fun and interesting ways and offers a great range of sushi, dim sum, baos, bento boxes and more. Dineout is offering a deal at Plum by Bent Chair that you can’t miss. If you’re anything like us, and you’re obsessed with dim sum too, then absolutely don’t miss UNLIMITED dimsum at INR 999 + 1 cocktail here

Offer: Unlimited dimsum + 1 cocktail at INR 999.


Rocky Star Cocktail Bar

Wickedly Inventive Cocktails At Rocky Star Cocktail Bar

Started by celebrated fashion designer Rocky S, this food and drinks bar is dedicated to his travels around the world. Each food item on the menu is inspired by a different city or country that Rocky S has travelled to himself, and has the longest cocktail menu we’ve ever seen, with 31 spectacular cocktails spoiling you for choice. Just like Rocky S’s designs, his restaurant is a reflection of his mind that’s bursting with creativity. The sleek interiors go well with the menu and the overall ambience makes Rocky Star Cocktail Bar a great option for a cocktail night out with your buddies. Through Dineout, get a whopping 20% discount on your bill here!

Offer: 20% off the total bill.



Meatloaves don’t always have to be bland. Especially not this one at JLWA!

JLWA certainly hosts the city’s best Bollywood nights every weekend, and adding to the list of things they are great for, is their food menu. The menu is a cross between experimental and classic, what with JLWA’s Chef Sagar Bajaj whipping up some unbelievable treats in the kitchen. Some of our favorites include Malabari Tacos, Soya Chaap, JD Prawns, and even the Creme Brulee. Before you let your hair down on the dance floor, make sure you check out their inventive cocktails like Crazy Love ( a Negroni for everyone who’s still getting adjusted to Campari), and the Melon Ball (which features a Midori, a muskmelon liqueur that comes from Japan!). Thanks to Dineout, you can eat an entire 3 course meal with one glass of wine at JLWA for INR 999 only!

Offer: 3 course meal + 1 glass of wine at INR 999.


A full stomach does not mean an empty wallet because Dineout Pay gets 20% cashback every time you pay your bills using Dineout!